Hidden cultural gems in unspoiled nature

Explore Japan’s ancient wilderness, from rugged coastal cliffs to secluded UNESCO temples. Iwate is a land of unspoiled nature within primeval landscapes. Its rich history of local culture includes nature worship. Tower over 200-metre coastal cliffs, or descend into a 5,000-metre limestone cave. Visit the iconic 12th Century “Golden Hall”, and indulge in a bounty of farm produce and local seafood from this hidden gem of Japan.

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Breathtaking vistas from the mountains to the bay

Miyagi is an oasis of natural beauty replete with resorts towns, hot springs, and the myriad pine-covered islands of Matsushima Bay, considered one of Japan’s most celebrated sights. Enjoy breathtaking mountaineering up Okama Mountain and scenic strolls along the Shiroishi River to view the “1,000 cherry trees at a single glance.” Visit the Zao Fox Village, straight out of a fairytale, it is populated by free roaming foxes with miniature fox houses.

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Winter playground with snow monkeys

In the heart of the Japan Alps lies one of Japan’s premier winter playgrounds. Discover exhilarating Olympic-class resorts and trek into the wilderness where wild monkeys soak in hot springs. Explore one of the Japan’s premier castles, and taste the local delicacies from the largest wasabi farms in the country to the bounty of fresh fruits that proliferate the valleys.

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Luxurious green tea and majestic Mount Fuji

Rolling fields of green tea drape the fertile slopes that lead to Mount Fuji. Luxuriate on sandy beaches or in hot springs at the base of the mountain and indulge in the freshest green tea-infused gastronomy. Discover the first shogun’s mountaintop mausoleum and access Fuji’s southern climbing route.

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Glittering gold and samurai villages

Hugging the rugged coastline of the Japan Sea Side, Ishikawa is renowned for its gold ornamentation, traditional arts, succulent seafood and immaculate garden. Discover the luster of one of Japan’s wealthiest samurai villages, indulge in gold-coated ice cream, unwind in one of Japan’s “Three Great Gardens”, and discover the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

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